Merrychef Hi Speed Oven E1

Merrychef Eikon E1
The Eikon® E1S Is The First Choice For Anyone Who Wants To Prepare Fresh, Hot Food On Demand Where Space Is At A Premium.
The Eikon® E1S Is The Ideal Way To Cook, Toast, Grill, Bake And Regenerate A Wide Range Of Fresh Or Frozen Foods, Such As Sandwiches, Pastries, Pizzas, Fish, Vegetables And Meat.
One Standard Unit Eikon® E1S Units Run Off A Standard Domestic 13A Supply31Cm X 31Cm (12” X 12”) Cavity In A 41Cm (16”) Width Footprint
• Black Exterior On Stainless Steel
• Built-In Diagnostic Testing
• Cool-To-Touch Exterior
• Easytouch®, Icon Driven Touchscreen User Interface
• Fits On A 50Cm (19.7”) Worktop And No Need For Side Installation Space
• Quiet Operation
 55 Dba In Standby Mode
• Rapid Cooking Technology Combines Three Heat Technologies:
 Tuned Impingement
 Microwave
 Convection
• Rapid Cooking Up To 10-12 Times Faster Than A Conventional Oven
• Soft Edge Front Design
• Usb Memory Stick Data Transfer Of Up To 1024 Cooking Profiles
• Vent Less Cooking Capabilities Through Built-In Catalytic Converter
• Very Easy To Clean With Large Rounded Edges