Robot Coupe - Robot Cook

• Easy To Use With Its Variable Speed Function Of 100 To 3 500 Rpm
• Refined Dishes Prepared In No Time With Its Turbo/Pulse Rotary Speed Reaching 4 500 Rpm
• A Mix Of Delicate Products Prepared Without Cutting Due To The Inverse Rotation Of The Blade: The R-Mix® Function From -100 To -500 Rpm
• Keeps The Food Preparation Hot Thanks To The Intermittent Function
• The Powerful Robot Cook® Relies On A Very Robust Industrial Induction Motor Specifications
Power: 1800W
Voltage: 230V 50Hz
4 Speed Functions:
• Variable Speed: From 100 To 3 500 Rpm
• High Speed: Turbo/Pulse Of 4 500 Rpm
• R-Mix Blend Speed: From -100 To -500 Rpm
• Intermittent Speed: Slow Speed Blade Rotation Every 2 Seconds
Heating Capacity: Up To 140˚C
Precise Temperature Control: +/- 1˚C
Stainless Steel Bowl Cutter: 3.7Lt With Handle
Liquid Capacity: 2.5Lt
2 Blades: Fine Serrated Blade - Special For Blender
Smooth Blade - Special For Cutter Function
Scraper Arm: Lid And Bowl
Programming Function: 9 Recipes
Dimensions: 226 X 338 X 522Mm
Weight: 15Kg