Salamander Anvil - Incoloy - 2.8Kw Incoloy Salamander

• Perfect For Restaurants, Pubs, Coffee Shops, Cafes, Etc
• Comes Standard With 1 Crumb Tray (Removable Cover Allows For
Front And Rear Access)
• These Salamanders Are Ideal For: Toasting Approx 200 - 400 Slices An
Hour, Defrosting Of Ready-Made Dishes, Reheating Pizzas, Croissants,
Sausage Rolls, Fried Eggs, Etc
• Gratinating Onion Soups, Cheese Sandwiches Etc
• Use As A Plate Warmer Or Pass Through Hatch Specifications
Power: 2.8Kw
Voltage: 230V
Dimensions: 728 X 506 X 428Mm
Shelf Dimensions: 330 X 640Mm
Runner Spacing: 65Mm
Weight: 20Kg