Toaster Anvil - 9 Slice - Flat Plate

• Certified Food Safe Teflon Coating
• Optimally Balanced Heat To Ensure Even Toasting On Top And Bottom*
• Adjustable Top Plate For A Variety Of Food Thicknesses
• Detachable Drip Cup To Collect Excess Fat
• Mechanically Tested Durable Handle Assembly
• Insulated Hand Grip
• Produced In South Africa Using Heavier Gauged Stainless Steel
• Operating Temperature Range: 50°C -240°C
*Unit Tested Under Controlled Conditions. Variables May Affect The Outcome Specifications
Power: 2.15Kw
Voltage: 230V
Cooking Surface: 330 X 355Mm
Dimensions: 355 X 466 X 327Mm
Weight: 14Kg